Thank you, Trophy Fund Contributors!!

Many thanks to those of you who contributed to this years Trophy Fund. Because of your generosity we are able to present some wonderful trophies. This year we had our dragons as well as some really cute lamb toys. They were very well received.
– Shirley Hobbs

Sandy & Jay Farr
Rebecca Winkler
Rachel Doggett & Peter Wolf
Mary Monro
Elinor Hughes
Beth & John Kerr
Gwen Newcomb
Anne & Charlie Taylor
Jan Lehman
Genie Bishop
Janis & Paul Metrinko
Angie & Alan Tirdil
Shawn Michael
Marsha& Albie Stepowany
Phil Pessagno
Peggy Hooven
Paula and Steve Stahl
Linda Mellgrew and John Payne
Aggie DeLaGarcia
Judy and Don Proia
Bonnie and Jim Vaughn
Richard Streett
Rebecca and John Owens

Next CCWCC Meeting- July 19

Hello Everyone,

Hope you have dried out after the recent deluge and are no longer surrounded by the aroma of wet Cardi.  Our next meeting will be a triple feature at the Davidsonville Training Center.  There will be a grooming demo, a photo contest, and some entertaining games for the Cardis and their handlers. The games will be as follows:

Musical Mats-  Like musical chairs but the dogs walk with their handlers in a circle and must stop  on a mat when the music stops.

Spin The Bottle-  Only dog kisses will be allowed.  Handlers spin a wheel and perform an exercise associated with a number on a wheel.  Ex.” Ask your dog to offer a paw. ”

Tee Shirt Race-  At the “start” whistle, handlers fit their Cardis into tee shirts and race to the finish line.

Ball and Spoon Race- Handlers and their Cardis walk as fast as they can to the finish line while balancing a rubber ball on a spoon.

Sound like fun?  Please come and join us.  Check the website for the photo contest rules.

Added Incentive-  Shirley Hobbs is preparing lunch. Always a yummy treat.

Please feel free to call or e-mail if you have questions.  Plan to arrive with photos by 10. Kim Moshlak will start her grooming demo at 11:00. Lunch at 12:00 with a general meeting.  Games and announcement of photo winners after lunch.

Don’t forget to hug those Cardis.