Tricks & Games Meetup

This will be a great opportunity to get an AKC Trick title for your dog. If you already have a GCG, you need only five more tricks for the NOVICE TRICK DOG TITLE. We are hoping to have one of our members, Taryn Tipton to share her training techniques for trick dogs.

We are going to have the following games for our members and their Cardis.
There will be a very nice prize for the winner of each event, and there will be no entry fees.

  1. Hot Dog Diving- Each dog will have 60 seconds to grab and munch as many hot dog pieces as possible from a shallow pool of water.
  2. Tee Shirt Race- Each handler is given a tee shirt. When the game begins, the handler must put the shirt over the dog’s head, the front paws through the sleeves. Then the two must race to the finish line.
  1. Musical Mats- Mats are placed in a circle with one fewer mat than the number of dogs. When the music starts, the dogs and handlers march around the mats. When the music stops, the dogs and handlers race to an available mat. A dog without a mat is out. The last team with a mat wins.

These games provide laughter and fun for Cardis and humans. Hope to see you on Saturday.

AKC Trick Dog Checklist: Novice [PDF]

2021 CCWCC Virtual Photo Contest

A survey of the membership revealed that most people would prefer the virtual format.

We may not be able to meet in person, but the Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club can still host our Annual Photo Contest

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The photo contest is an important event! It provides us with the photographs we use in one of the club’s biggest fundraisers:

The Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club Calendar

The photo contest is open to all amateur photographers who are members of CCWCC.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Review the Submission Guidelines and Important Photo Information.
  2. Select the category of your photo:
    Portrait                        Puppy                Performance/Action
    General                        Comedy
  3. Include your name, telephone number, and dog’s name for each entry.
  4. Email your digital photos to  
  5. Photos will be accepted beginning: July 5, 2021.  
    • The entry deadline is: Saturday, July 17, 2021.


Please contact Jan Lehman at  or Marsha Stepowany at 

More Information:

After the entry deadline closes, all club members will receive a pdf containing all the entries, which will  be numbered and organized by category.

You simply select the number of the photo you choose as the Best Photo in each category and email that back to us by the due date included in the email.

We will tally the totals and send out a final email announcing the winners.

Winners in each category and the Best In Show winner will receive a pdf certificate.

As we have in the past, club members will be notified when the 2022 CCWCC Calendar is available for sale. Calendar sales will be by mail only this year, and the cost will be $13.00 per calendar which includes shipping.


  1. There will not be an entry fee this year.
  2. Entries are limited to two photos per membership for each category, but no more than five photos total.
  3. You must own the rights to the photo you are submitting. No official dog show/event photos please.
    Also, no professional photos taken by anyone else.
  4. Entries must be high resolution digital photos (this is needed for printing of the calendar).
    Photos chosen for the calendar may be cropped, resized and/or edited to fit specific calendar size and guidelines.


  • Each photo must include at least one Cardigan, but multiple Cardis are acceptable.
  • Photos must not include humans or other dog breeds.
  • Photos may be from a previous year if they were not winners or chosen for the calendar.
  • Submitting an entry constitutes permission for the CCWCC to use your photo in other club publications.
  • You will retain the rights to your own photos and can use them any way you choose.

Annual Breed and Obedience Fun Match

Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club
Annual Breed and Obedience Fun Match

Saturday, March 28, 2020 

In addition to the match there will be a FREE Handling Class. 

Lunch and a short meeting will also be held. We will have a Brown Bag Raffle in addition to the Match and Meeting.

To make donations for the Raffle contact Jan Lehman at 410-279-5194 or Email 

2020 CCWCC Calendars Are Now On Sale!

Our club calendar is one of the only Cardigan Welsh Corgi calendars available. The calendar sales help support the Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club, so…Purchase Your 2020 Calendar Today!


PRICE: Calendar picked up in person: $10.00 per calendar Calendar mailed to you: $13.00 per calendar

  • Calendars can be picked up at the Specialty Show on Saturday, October 12, 201  at the Howard County Fairgrounds or at the December Club Meeting/Holiday Party.
  • To guarantee a calendar will be available you may purchase it in advance for $10 per calendar and pick it up at the specialty show or the December club meeting

Contact Marsha Stepowany () or the CCWCC Admin ( ) to get the mailing address for payment. Make checks payable to: CCWCC

Please include your mailing return address and a contact telephone number and/or email.

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