Lost, then Found, Lila Puts on the Pounds

Neenah L. reports that her lovely Lila, “has almost gained back enough weight to be in the healthy range again.”


If you haven’t heard the story, Lila took to adventure mid-June 2014 for 21 days. Neenah and her family scoured the area for signs of Lila. Finally, Lila decided she had enough exploring and calmly walked right back into the backyard.


CCWCC Herding Instinct Test

We had eleven dogs testing their herding instinct today at Hog Dog Productions. Nine corgis qualified and received an awesome ribbon. There were nine Cardis and two Pems that tested.

Check out photos from the event on our new Shutterfly page! There was a malfunction with the camera and some photos unfortunately did not turn out well.

Click here to view these pictures larger


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