OPPOSE the Puppy Protection Act, S-4757

AKC and your Federation are requesting that you bring this blog to the attention of your respective clubs’ members.   https://akcgr.org/akc/app/document/35702150?2   Please feel free to SHARE WIDELY with your contacts in the purebred dog fancy.

US Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) recently introduced this bill,  US S-4757, also known as the Puppy Protection Act of 2020; it is a companion to US HR- 2442.   If enacted, these bills would mandate changes to the federal Animal Welfare Act that would impose onerous and arbitrary new requirements on professional and small hobby dog breeders.  Our elected legislators are being heavily pressured by the AR contingent to sign this into law BEFORE the NOVEMBER ELECTION.   Already more than 150 of OUR LEGISLATORS have signed on as co-sponsors.    It is imperative that you act NOW.

Please reach out to your member of Congress and your US Senators and respectfully, in your own words, explain why this bill, which attempts to impose a one-size-fits-all formula on dog breeding, will severely and negatively impact US purebred dog breeders.  Please be sure to mention if you are a CONSTITUENT, and ask that these bills not get out of committee in either chamber.  They need to learn from YOU about the unintended consequences of these proposals.   

If you have questions or need further information, contact , visit www.akcgr.org, or phone AKC at 919-0816-3720.


Mariane R. Herndon, President

Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs & Breeders

2020 CCWCC Specialty Canceled

Yesterday Catonsville KC and National Capital KC announced they were canceling their shows held October 9th – 11th.  This is the cluster that Chesapeake holds our Specialty therefore we will be canceling.  

These decisions don’t come easy but with the uncertainty of the pandemic it is the best choice.  

Annual Breed and Obedience Fun Match

Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club
Annual Breed and Obedience Fun Match

Saturday, March 28, 2020 

In addition to the match there will be a FREE Handling Class. 

Lunch and a short meeting will also be held. We will have a Brown Bag Raffle in addition to the Match and Meeting.

To make donations for the Raffle contact Jan Lehman at 410-279-5194 or Email 

Herding Instinct Test – August 24, 2019

On August 24th, starting at 8am, our club is sponsoring an AKC regulated Herding Instinct Test using sheep and ducks. The instinct test will be held at:

Hog Dog Productions
470 Ski Lane
Millersville, MD 21108

The fee will be $50 per run, all classes. The entry form is located HERE [pdf].

Learn more about the sport of herding on the AKC website: akc.org/sports/herding

New 2019 CTA daytime classes

Hello everyone!

For the first time CTA is offering new daytime (and evening) Basic Agility Classes taught by some of our very best advanced Agility instructors! Classes are limited to 6 dog and handler teams each, so please contact Karen Long immediately if you want to register. These Agility classes are held at the CTA Agility facility in Beltsville. (Dogs must be at least a year old before beginning agility) 

If you feel the need for an obedience refresher, our Basic Obedience classes start next week at both Davidsonville and Beltsville buildings. Please refer to the upcoming class lists on the CTA website (CTAdogs.org) for start dates and registration for those classes. 

At Davidsonville we have our annual CGC (Canine Good Citizen), CGCA ( Canine Good Citizen Advanced), Urban Dog classes coming up and a new Intro to Jumping and Retrieve class starting in 2 weeks. If you are interested in Rally or Nosework classes, the upcoming session is full, but you can get on a waiting list with the instructors for the next sessions.

CTA is hosting a WCRL Rally trial March 16-17th at the Beltsville building. Volunteers are always needed and volunteers get to show for free! 

Beginning Agility/Foundation I, II, III (3 six-week sessions) 

January 7, 2019, 12:00-1:30 PM (Mondays)
Instructors: Judith Swan and Ann Truffa
This series is an introduction to the foundation skills required for success in agility. The class will include an introduction to agility obstacles and basic handling, including skills like targeting, focus and attention, restrained recalls, impulse control and more. Each 6-week session in the series will build on the previous session.  Participants will work towards handling of short agility sequences in the third session.
Prerequisite:  Dogs should understand basic commands such as sit and stay, and have a basic recall.  Each session in the sequence is a prerequisite for the following session.
Fee: $100.00 Agility or dual members, $130.00 for non members, $50.00 Obedience Instructors
To register contact Karen Long  

Introduction to Agility Equipment and Handling (6 weeks)

January 10, 2019,  3- 4 pm (Thursdays)
Instructor: Spencer Harrill
Dogs will learn how to use the equipment safely.  Owners will learn how to handle their dogs on the equipment and build a communicative relationship with their dogs. 
No prerequisite.
Fee: $100.00 Agility or dual members, $130.00 for non members, $50.00 Obedience Instructors
To register contact Karen Long  

Basic Agility

January 8, 2019, 6:30-8:00 PM (Tuesday evenings)
Instructors: Dale Martins and Kathy Gregorieff
Dog and handlers will safely be introduced to the correct use of agility equipment.No prerequisite.
Fee: $100.00 Agility or dual members, $130.00 for non members, $50.00 Obedience Instructors
To register contact Karen Long  

Introduction to Jumping and Retrieves

January 15-February 26h , 11:30-12:30
Instructor: Karen Long
This class will be a fun introduction to different types of jumps, retrieving and other basic skills needed for agility or obedience work. The class and homework are perfect for mentally and physically exercising your dog during the dreary winter months.Prerequisite: Dog and owner will have completed a CTA Basic Obedience class.
Fee: Free for members, non-members $60.00
Supplies: Owners should bring high reward treats and a dumbbell or suitable substitute for retrieving.
Note: All students are expected to take turns arriving early and staying a bit late to help set up and put away the equipment used during class.
Contract Karen Long to register

Problem Solving Sessions for Obedience and Rally!

January 19-March 9h , 2019 9:30-10:30
Class limited to 1
Instructor: Theresa Zuzworsky and other instructors specializing is specific class topics
Class focuses on improving core skills, strengthening the handler/dog teams engagement, timing, and problem-solving based on handlers’ needs. Students will use reward based training and environmental tools. Dogs attend all sessions. Bring superior treats and a hungry dog or your dog’s favorite tug toy. Clickers are permitted, but you should know how to use one beforehand. Tools such as pivot bowls, barriers, and the like, will be reviewed.With  the upcoming March 16-17 WCRL Rally trail approaching, some of the class will focus on rally signs, sign familiarity and course strategy.
Prerequisite: an understanding of basic obedience is required for the handler. More experienced handler with green dogs are permitted with prior instructors approval.
Fee: $50.00 for mebers, $100.00 for Non-members 

CGC &CGCA (Advanced Canine Good Citizen or Community Canine) class

March 4 – April 22 , 2019 Mondays 10-11:00 AM
7 week class with an AKC CGCA test on the last day
Instructor: Terry Standridge
Fee: $30.00 members/ $60.00 non-members
Prerequisite: Must have completed a CTA Basic Obedience class and have passes a CGC test.
To register for class please email Terry at  
For more information about the CGCA test, go to www.akc.org for a description of the exercises or search “AKC CGCA” and it will be the first several results.


April 22nd, 2019      10:00-12:00
Instructor: Terry Standridge
(CGCA students test first. Anyone who wants to come just for the testing must pre-register with Terry. Due to class size, there are a limited number of available time slots for walk-in entries.)
Fee: $10.00 members/non-members
Prerequisite: Must have passed a CGC test.
To register: for testing please email Terry at  before April 15th , 2019. 

AKC Urban Dog Class

April 30-June 4, 2019      11:30-12:30
6 week class with an AKC Urban Dog test on the last day of class
Instructor: Karen Long
Note: Other than the first class, each class will be held off site at various local businesses. Locations will include Homestead Gardens, Home Depot and Annapolis Towne Center in Parole.
Fee: $20.00 members/ $30.00 non-members
Prerequisite: Must have completed a CTA Basic Obedience class.*If the owner wants to register this title with the AKC, the dog must already have a CGC title registered with the AKC.
Contact Karen at  to sign up.For more information about the Urban Dog test, go to www.akc.org for a description of the exercises or Google “AKC Urban dog test”. 

AKC Urban Dog Test

June 4th, 2019 11:30-2:30
Instructor: Karen Long
Prerequisite: Must have completed a CTA Basic Obedience class, passed a CGC test and have read the AKC Urban dog test requirements prior to testing
Fee: $10.00 members/ $15.00 nonmembers
Note: Students of the Urban Dog class will test first. Anyone who wants to come just for the testing must pre-register with Karen prior to the day of the test so we are sure to have sufficient copies of the AKC paperwork available.*If the owner wants to register this title with the AKC, the dog must already have a CGC title registered with the AKC.
To register: for testing please email Karen at  

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