Tricks & Games Meetup

This will be a great opportunity to get an AKC Trick title for your dog. If you already have a GCG, you need only five more tricks for the NOVICE TRICK DOG TITLE. We are hoping to have one of our members, Taryn Tipton to share her training techniques for trick dogs.

We are going to have the following games for our members and their Cardis.
There will be a very nice prize for the winner of each event, and there will be no entry fees.

  1. Hot Dog Diving- Each dog will have 60 seconds to grab and munch as many hot dog pieces as possible from a shallow pool of water.
  2. Tee Shirt Race- Each handler is given a tee shirt. When the game begins, the handler must put the shirt over the dog’s head, the front paws through the sleeves. Then the two must race to the finish line.
  1. Musical Mats- Mats are placed in a circle with one fewer mat than the number of dogs. When the music starts, the dogs and handlers march around the mats. When the music stops, the dogs and handlers race to an available mat. A dog without a mat is out. The last team with a mat wins.

These games provide laughter and fun for Cardis and humans. Hope to see you on Saturday.

AKC Trick Dog Checklist: Novice [PDF]

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