Many thanks to the following members & friends…

Many thanks to the following members & friends who donated so
generously to our Trophy fund.

Richard & Judy Carver
Sandy & Jay Farr
Beverly & Irving Jackson
Donna Plummer
Mary Monro
Genie Bishop
Elinor Hughes
Beth & John Kerr
Rachel Doggett & Peter Wolfe
Cindy Attwood & Kathy Woodrell
Phil Pessagno
Rebecca Winkler
Shawn Michael
Claire Ward
Anne Taylor
Tania Andreeff
Paul & Janis Metrinko
Jan & Tom Lehman
Taryn Tipton
Bev & Rod Knoll
Angie Tirdil
Marsha Stepowany
Deb Brady & Richard Streett
Janet Wilson
Karen & James Lively
Kyrie Garretson
Judy & Don Proia
Frank Roth

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We are dedicated to the promotion of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in the Chesapeake area, which covers Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

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