Next CCWCC Meeting- July 19

Hello Everyone,

Hope you have dried out after the recent deluge and are no longer surrounded by the aroma of wet Cardi.  Our next meeting will be a triple feature at the Davidsonville Training Center.  There will be a grooming demo, a photo contest, and some entertaining games for the Cardis and their handlers. The games will be as follows:

Musical Mats-  Like musical chairs but the dogs walk with their handlers in a circle and must stop  on a mat when the music stops.

Spin The Bottle-  Only dog kisses will be allowed.  Handlers spin a wheel and perform an exercise associated with a number on a wheel.  Ex.” Ask your dog to offer a paw. ”

Tee Shirt Race-  At the “start” whistle, handlers fit their Cardis into tee shirts and race to the finish line.

Ball and Spoon Race- Handlers and their Cardis walk as fast as they can to the finish line while balancing a rubber ball on a spoon.

Sound like fun?  Please come and join us.  Check the website for the photo contest rules.

Added Incentive-  Shirley Hobbs is preparing lunch. Always a yummy treat.

Please feel free to call or e-mail if you have questions.  Plan to arrive with photos by 10. Kim Moshlak will start her grooming demo at 11:00. Lunch at 12:00 with a general meeting.  Games and announcement of photo winners after lunch.

Don’t forget to hug those Cardis.